Turku, Finland

Welcome to VASTA Gaming, Sauna Esports!

We are pleased to introduce to you, our first team, Sauna Esports!
Sauna Esports is a well-known team in the European scene with some great results. From this day on, they will be playing under VASTA Gaming‘s name.

Team captain of VASTA Overwatch – Eero “Rockett” Salmi: 

“Sauna Esports has a strong Finnish core and we wanted to be a part in helping a new Finnish organization take their first steps into the competitive scene. Fittingly, our new home also has a sauna-inspired name! 

Our goals for the next few weeks are making it to Open Division playoffs and from there to Contenders Trials and Contenders. We want to be a staple in the European scene as a strong team with potential to challenge the regional top teams. It’s going to require a lot of hard work, but we are ready for it.” 

CEO of VASTA Gaming – Antti “Anatec” Eskel: 

“When I started to think of teams that I would love to see carrying VASTA’s name, Sauna Esports was the first thing that came to my mind. For me personally, Overwatch is a game very close to my heart and Sauna Esports is one of the most known Overwatch teams out there with a Finnish core. I really wanted the first team that we sign to have some Finnish power in it. We are incredibly excited to help the team to get to the next level!” 

Welcome to VASTA Gaming: Sauna Esports -video: https://youtu.be/wUGW7Q3EOv0